CoiN BaG Referral

CoiN BaG Referral Bonus System.

CoiN BaG has a great referral earning contest and prizes every month. Using CoiNBaG refer system user could earn huge money. Every time when a user invites a member to us, 100 CB coins will be added to his/her account balance automatically. If a user join CoiN BaG using a refer code He/She is also will get 50 CB coin in account as a starting Bonus!

User could earn bonus coin participating to top 10 referral position on leader board. The bonus will distribute following the list below. 

Top 1 Refer Bonus = 5000 CB.
Top 2 Refer Bonus = 3000 CB.
Top 3 Refer Bonus = 2000 CB.
Top 4 Refer Bonus = 1500 CB.
Top 5 Refer Bonus = 1200 CB.
Top 6 Refer Bonus = 1000 CB.
Top 7 Refer Bonus = 700 CB.
Top 8 Refer Bonus = 600 CB.
Top 9 Refer Bonus = 400 CB.
Top 10 Refer Bonus = 200 CB.

To get CoiN BaG Referral Bonus user must need to meet the Referral Terms & Conditions.